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UMC foodies from all over the Florida Conference swap and share recipes here. You’ll find secret family recipes, holiday drinks, kiddie snacks and tons more. The list is always growing, so check back often to see what’s cooking!




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This is a simple recipe, but makes a nice dessert.

We enjoy cherries in a dessert.

Peanut butter makes everything better!

Only four ingredients.

My mother made this for years and served it over patty shells. We all enjoyed it. I have now made it for years.

Serve with rice and beans, and it's dinner!

Pure comfort food. Serve with sourdough bread and a tossed salad. You can make this in a crock pot, adding cooked chicken at the end to heat through. If you are gone all day, cut the barley back to 1/3 cup and use enough stock to just cover the ingredients.

Really, it is chicken and stuffing baked in the oven.

The gravy part of this recipe is good and makes the recipe.

Awesome casserole that is a family favorite! There are many versions of this recipe, but this one is a keeper!

Anyone who likes peanut butter will find this Chicken Kabob recipe interesting.

The time spent making this will be worthwhile. Delish!

Serve with pasta and a tossed salad.

This is a recipe from a dear friend.

A mirepoix lends the French flair.

Savory one pot meal. Serves 4-5.

This is a one-dish meal which I have made for years.


Good on crackers.

When I have leftover chicken, this is a good recipe to use.

Serves 6-8

Fresh tarragon and lemon juice create a wonderful flavor.

If you like fruit, you will like this for a brunch idea.

Bring winter on!

Everyone likes chili!

My husband's favorite chili recipe!

Zesty "South of the border" specialty.

No one can say no to queso!

Spicy chicken wings.

They don't serve this signature soup at Chili's anymore, but this version from Top Secret Recipes is a perfect clone. ( It is easy, fast, delicious and low in calories.

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