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Mississippi Style Collard Greens

Mississippi Style Collard Greens

This recipe was started long before greens became a store bought item. Collards were a staple in most homes in the community. The greens came from Mama's garden, the neighbor's garden, or the street peddler when the only pesticides were God's rain or a water hose/bucket and a watchful eye.

Mississippi Style Collard Greens
Serves 8
Total Time: 2- 2 1/2 hours

1/4 lb. salt pork cut into 3-4 strips
2 large, 3 medium or 4 small smoked ham hocks
Greens, cut up, washed (includes "ready to cook" greens) and stems removed
1-2 teaspoons bacon drippings (optional)
Onions, sliced or diced
To taste add the following:
Black pepper, about 1 teaspoon
Crushed red pepper, about 1/2 teaspoon
Salt, about 2 tablespoons
Sugar - about 2 tablespoons (cuts the bitter taste greens sometimes have)

Place meat in a 4 quart covered pot with water fully covering meat, bring to a boil. Lower heat to low and cook for 30 minutes or until meat is tender. Place the greens in the pot with the pre-boiled meat using the stock of the meat to begin the cooking process. Add enough water to the stock to insure that the greens are covered when the greens have steamed (cooked) down. Cooking time varies depending upon the texture of the greens. DO NOT SEASON until the cooking process is complete, then add seasoning and simmer for 30 minutes.