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Property Appraisals

Please note:  there is a waiting list for complementary property appraisals. 

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a property appraisal of your church facility available through the Florida Annual Conference insurance program. 

We have partnered with CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC to obtain the following:

  • Replacement cost property appraisals 
           (buildings and stained glass only, not contents)
  • Supplemental underwriting data

There is no cost to your church for the property appraisal and subsequent report.    This is a value added service provided by the Conference insurance program.  Once your church has been appraised, Ministry Protection will update the insurance database on behalf of your church.   Please note that the appraisal is for insurance purposes, thus it is based on insurance replacement cost, not market value. 

We are in the process of scheduling and performing appraisals for 2019.   If you desire to have a complimentary property appraisal provided by the Conference insurance program, please complete the short request form below.  


Thank you for your ongoing support of Ministry Protection.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need further information.