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Property and Facility Management

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Hurricane Preparedness
Information related to action to take prior to a storm to secure your
property, claims and response information, summary of insurance
and named windstorm deductibles. 

Security and Theft Deterrence
Theft and vandalism are increasing at our churches, bringing the issue of security and theft deterrence to the forefront.

Recognizing Hazards   
A look at the top conditions or practices that cause the majority of accidents and injuries on church property.

Preventing Slips and Falls;  Where are the Slip and Fall Conditions?
The leading cause of injuries to workers and guests are slip and falls on same level floors.  A look at some of the top hazards.

One of nature’s most powerful phenomena, it is also one of the deadliest, killing more people than any other weather hazard except flash floods.  There are ways to protect yourself and those you are responsible for.

Electrical Safety 
There are 20-30 electrocution deaths annually associated with electric power tools.  Most could have been prevented with the use of an inexpensive device known as a GFCI. 

Daily Checklist
A self-inspection checklist to assist with hazard identification in various areas of your facility, such as entrances, parking lots and playgrounds

Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting
Environmental Protection Agency