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Virtual Pre-Conference Workshops

Refresh Church

Refresh Church is currently closed and will be rescheduled.

In this post-Christendom, post-pandemic season, are you ready to REFRESH Your Church? We will discuss strategies of being Relevant, Adaptive, and Resilient, refocusing the church vision for what we are called to do.  There is no easy fix for refreshing our churches. If you are willing to be introspective, prayerful, and open to new possibilities, please register.

Presenter: Janet Earls, Director of Church Vitality and Leadership Development

Registration Closed

Caring for Your Pastor (if you’re on SPRC) or Yourself (if you’re the pastor)
When it Feels Like the World is Falling apart”

Resources for Clergy Wellbeing | Presenters:  Clergy Care Team

In the United Methodist Church, our baptismal vow calls us to “resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”  The sin of racism is one of these evils and injustices. Dismantling racism is part of our discipleship. We invite you to pray about how God is calling you and your church to be engaged in dismantling racism, not for a moment, but for a lifetime. This workshop will give an overview of the basics of antiracism, give practical steps churches can take to become antiracist, and provide real examples of churches that are engaged in the work of antiracism.  Click here to visit our website.

Presenters:  Rev. Jana Hall-Perkins & Rev. Lee Hall Perkins, Conference Antiracism Coordinators