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POV Conversation Template

POV Conversation Template Assists in Way Forward Discussions

To facilitate discussions about preparing for the Way Forward and understanding the differing perspectives regarding human sexuality, a diverse Florida Conference team of clergy and laity has created a structured, conversational experience called “Point of View” (POV).

It is designed to equip participants to grow in empathy, have a broader understanding of different points of view and to create generative dialogue around challenging conversations. Early this year, POV was beta tested in three churches, and conference-wide launch was March 5, 2018.

“POV gatherings give us the space as United Methodists in Florida to develop empathy and trust in conversations about human sexuality,” Bishop Ken Carter said. “We are trying to create an alternative to the divisive spirit in our culture.”

The supporting materials for a one- or three-session experience include a participant field guide, slides, interviews with Bishop Carter, videos, facilitator guidelines and promotional items. All the materials are available to churches digitally via Basecamp, and requests for them can be sent to POV.

POV Video Orientation 

The Point of View design team hosted an online video orientation, training and dialogue about POV on March 14. This orientation was recorded and can be viewed on Basecamp as well. Please send requests to POV. We are happy to send the POV material to anyone who is interested.