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Mark Twain meets Francis Asbury

Mark Twain meets Francis Asbury

Mark Twain meets Francis Asbury
A workshop of Homiletics, Humor and Storytelling
Epworth By The Sea on St. Simons Island, GA
July 11-14, 2019

Do you wish your sermons were more engaging? Do you wish you could work more storytelling, narrative and even humor into your sermons? Your congregation does!

Storytellers Andy Offutt Irwin and Bil Lepp make a living telling stories to folks all across the country. Irwin has long history of Youth Pastoring in the United Methodist Church, and Lepp is a former UMC pastor and graduate of Duke Divinity School.

These guys understand public speaking, and have theological and preaching backgrounds. They can help you make your sermons more appealing, more concise, and maybe even more theologically relevant.

This weekend long workshop, located at beautiful Methodist heritage site Epworth Island on St. Simon’s Island, GA, will be a Bible based exploration of crafting sermons using humor and storytelling.

Members of the North Georgia Methodist Conference can earn Continuing Education Units. We’re working on other conferences, too. And this isn’t just for Methodists, or even pastors. Folks all faiths are invited be ye clergy or lay folks.

“I do not know what we should do without the pulpit. We could better spare the sun – the moon, anyway.” -Mark Twain

“Public speaking and preaching teachers/professors will tell you to open with a joke or a humorous anecdote…as if that’s a simple thing to do well. If a doctor handed me a scalpel and told me to open someone’s sternum, I could do it, but probably in a way that would complicate the rest of the procedure.” -Bil Lepp

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