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Heritage Sunday is May 20

Heritage Sunday is May 20

Heritage Sunday is set aside for remembering our legacy as United Methodists. It is an ideal time for local churches and Annual Conference Commissions on Archives and History and Historical Societies to develop programs and projects reflecting the importance of history in congregational formation and casting the future.

This year's approach to Heritage Sunday is a celebration, a jubilee, in fact. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The United Methodist Church. 

Fifty years ago, Evangelical United Brethren (EUB) Bishop Rueben H. Mueller and Methodist Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke joined hands over a table laden with symbols---the Bible, hymnals, books of Discipline and a 307-page "Plan of Union." 1,300 delegates and 10,000 visitors met in Dallas, Texas on April 23, 1968, proclaiming the formation of the newly-constituted United Methodist Church. 10.3 million Methodists and 750,000 members of the EUB Church merged into one of the largest Protestant denominations in the world. Flags from fifty-three countries testified to the breadth of the new reality.

Heritage Sunday Resources

PowerPoint – Basic Historical Background for Adult Ed., Conf. Classes        
Heritage Sunday Worship                                                                                                        
Bulletin Inserts and Social Media Graphics (courtesy of UMCom)
Bulletin Inserts of Portraits of Early Evangelical Association, United Brethren and Methodist Leaders
Timeline of the United Methodist Church