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GC 2020 invites Methodists to write liturgy

GC 2020 invites Methodists to write liturgy

NASHVILLE, Tennessee: The 2020 General Conference worship design team invites United Methodists to take an active role in the worship experience at the denomination's quadrennial event as it seeks individuals to write liturgy, including prayers, calls to worship and litanies. The denomination's top legislative assembly is set to meet May 5-15, 2020, in Minneapolis.

To apply for the opportunity to write or provide original liturgy for General Conference, individuals are asked to submit a letter of application that includes the following: a sample of liturgy that includes a 5-minute devotion, a call to worship, and a prayer of confession all based on Philippians 3:14, along with the name of the writer, email address, phone number, and local church name.

Applications should be emailed to Application deadline is August 1, 2019.

“One of the many strengths of the United Methodist Church is the variety of gifts in our denomination. General Conference affords us an opportunity to experience God in many ways in a central location,” said Raymond Trapp, Worship and Music Director. “When liturgists from across the connection bring their voices together in prayer and celebration, the power and beauty of God is manifested in a sacred way.”

Please note that all liturgy submitted, regardless of use by the General Conference, becomes the intellectual property of General Conference and may be used and/or distributed with the proper citation at the worship team’s discretion.