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Clergywomen raising AC breakfast "scholarship" tickets

Clergywomen raising AC breakfast "scholarship" tickets

From Rev. Debbie Daley-Salinger

My covenant sisters and I have the privilege of hosting the Clergywomen's Breakfast this year. We have the honor of securing the dynamic Bishop Sharma Lewis as our guest speaker. With excitement, I shared this awesome news with two other clergywomen I meet with every first Wednesday to pray. To my surprise, like a leaking balloon the air of my joy slowly started to deflate when, almost in unison, their responses were, "Ouch! That's way out of my to come but..." I wonder how many other of our sisters, in the past and now, would have a similar response?

Beloveds, this is where you come in. We would like to offer you an opportunity to buy a ticket for a sister.  It is a very simple one stop deal. When you register for yourself, you will have the option to purchase extra tickets (link to registration: We thank you in advance for being Christ in this special way.

Now, for those of you who would love to join us, but deep down in your hearts you are hearing an echo of my prayer partners above, here is what you could do. Depending on the response of your sisters above, we are hoping to have 30 extra tickets to comp your breakfast. Please send your request to Melissa Stump at All requests will be kept confidential.  

Your sisters in Christ,

Debbie, BJ, Melissa, and Andrea