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Ware Trust spiritual formation grants available

Ware Trust spiritual formation grants available

The Spiritual Formation Ministry of the Florida Conference has been entrusted with the responsibility of discerning and dispersing funds from the Ware Trust. The intended recipients are Florida Conference ministries that reflect spiritual formation or ministry initiatives. Click here for the application form.

The funds for such initiatives originate from the Rev. H. Melton and Adelaide S. Ware Trust. Many Florida United Methodists are already aware of the contributions of the late Rev. and Mrs. Ware. Their gracious gifts served to underwrite the cost of the prayer chapel at the Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park. Their perpetual gifts have recently been expanded to include this newest ministry.

Their financial and spiritual generosity is intended to enhance the experience opportunities for spiritual formation within our Conference. Spiritual Formation is the process by and through which individuals develop in order to live a life of fullness in and for Christ. The formative experience enables persons to more closely follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and through the practice of intentional disciplines (prayer, fasting, etc.) receive the blessings that a deeper, richer relationship with Christ affords one’s life. Persons who embark on the intentional journey of formation, open themselves to deeper learning, believing and living the message of the Gospel. They learn and grow, through introspection and life’s challenges, with the hope of becoming servant leaders steeped in God’s sanctifying grace. Persons:
  • become more passionate disciples of Jesus Christ
  • develop a deeper love of, and devotion to God
  • lead Christ-like lives as they seek ways to love and serve God’s people empowered by the Holy Spirit. 
Ministries applying for grants from the Ware Foundation should seek to embody the sacrificial spirit and generous hearts of Rev. H. Melton and Adelaide S. Ware, who desired to share their generous gifts in order to make the formational journey available to groups of disciples. The ministry group should be recognized by the Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, and be prepared to submit the name(s) of the officers of the ministry, or person and contact information mutually agreed as the responsible person for accounting for the intended use of the grant (finances). All needed and requested reports and documents requested by the Ware Foundation shall be provided to the Foundation within thirty days of said request. The individual grant participants should be willing to serve in the ministry requesting the grant and within 30 days of the conclusion of the ministry experience, submit a reflection paper of 500-1000 words highlighting how the ministry opportunity has or will impact their faith. Grant participants should also express how they will serve others through prayer, and continue to support the ministry.

Grant applications and other pertinent information will be accessible on the Florida Conference website by October 18, 2017. Completed applications are due no later than midnight November 15, 2017, and should be submitted to the contact person identified in the application. Applicants will be notified by December 8, 2017 (via by email or U.S. Mail). Grants will be awarded by December 29, 2017.

Grant awards will range from $500.00 - $1500.00. Applicants should take particular care to detail methods to address any shortfall between the amount requested and potential amount rewarded. The Ware Trust Committee reserves the right to award or deny any applications, including requests for renewal grants.

The members of the Ware Trust Committee are grateful for your interest and thank God for your leadership!