Office of Clergy Excellence - Who We Are

The mission statement of the Florida Conference states, in part, that the Florida Conference is to be a vital connection that is a part of God’s transformation of the world by…calling, transforming and supporting…clergy leaders for the church. It is in response to this mission that the Office of Clergy Excellence was created.



  • Promoting opportunities for exploration of a call to licensed or ordained ministry
  • Working with our campus ministries as undergraduate students explore calls to ministry
  • Helping churches understand and develop within their local setting the characteristics of a “Calling Church”


Preparation for Ministry

  • Train candidacy mentors
  • Train District Committees on Ordained Ministry and Board of Ordained Ministry
  • Develop and provide financial resources for persons pursuing licensing and ordination

Entry into Ministry

  • Provide orientation for clergy serving for the first time in the Florida Conference and those moving
  • Provide licensed local pastors with assistance in the Course of Study
  • Provide probationary members with an effective curriculum in the Residents in Ministry program

Continuation in Ministry

  • Develop opportunities for the continued development of ministry skills and practices
  • Develop opportunities for the continued development of Biblical and theological maturity
  • Develop tools for ongoing clergy assessment that will identify for the individual clergy person areas of excellence and areas for continued growth



The Office of Clergy Excellence will develop opportunities for clergy to grow in their understanding of what it means to live vitally in community with one another by:

  • Working with the chairs of the order of elders, the order of deacons and the fellowship of local pastors and associate members in developing systems for clergy to live in a community that calls for mutual accountability
  • Working with the leaders of our health insurance program and Shade and Fresh Water to develop models of health living – physical, mental and spiritual
  • Working with the cabinet and the committee on clergy effectiveness to develop systems that will enable clergy members to recapture the zeal of their call to ministry and refine their tools for effectiveness.

The Office of Clergy Excellence will also have administrative functions that will provide means by which the above goals can be accomplished. These administrative functions include:

  • Fulfilling the registrar responsibilities for the board of ordained ministry
  • Working in relationship with other areas of the Florida Conference as a part of a connectional ministry


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