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North West DCOM

District Superintendent:  Rev. Wayne Wiatt   (850) 386-2154   E-mail

DCOM Chair:  Rev. Bethany Douty  E-mail

DCOM Registrar:  Elizabeth Flynn  E-mail

DCOM Meeting Location: St. Paul's UMC, Tallahassee

2022 Dates


Due Date



Monday, March 7

February 7


Via Zoom

Tuesday, April 26

March 29

Provisional Interviews

Via Zoom

Tuesday, August 30

August 2

Provisional Follow-ups

Via Zoom

Tuesday, November 1

October 4


Via Zoom









For information how to begin the Candidacy process, click here.

For information on DCOM responsibilities and training materials, click here



Applying for Certified Lay Minister Checklist:

  1. Pre-requisite: current Advanced Certified Lay Servant with certificates of completion of Spiritual Gifts LSM class and 4 CLM Modules.  
  2. Complete Background Check
  3. Meet with DS.
  4. Meet with local church SPRC and Pastor about role. See CLM Suggested Questions for CC 
  5. Complete CLM Modules 1 – 4 online at or district CLM Academy.
  6. Request to register in UMCARES
  7. Complete CLM track (see STEPS BELOW)
  8. Request (from Registrar) an interview with the DCOM

All Track materials are due 4 weeks prior to the DCOM meeting. 2021 DCOM dates and deadlines are above.


Guidelines provided in UMCARES to download, read, and adhere to:

  • How to Label Documents
  • Florida Conference Interview Guidelines
  • Florida Conference Writing Guidelines


Steps to complete in

  • Photo – upload a headshot to your Profile or this step.
  • Personal Data Inventory – download this form, complete it, upload as a pdf
  • Candidate Letter - Upload a letter to the DCOM stating the following: how you have served your local church; how long you have been a member at your local church; how long you have been a United Methodist member.
  • CLM Annual Report - Complete this form and be approved by your Church at a Church/Charge Conference. MUST INCLUDE CERTIFICATES for: the LSM BASIC class, one LSM Advanced class in the last 3 years, the Spiritual Gifts Advance LSM class.
  • Supervising Pastor Letter Explaining Role - A letter to the DCOM from your Senior Pastor or Supervisor explaining your role.
  • CLM Questions - You must answer each question and your answers to each question cannot exceed one page.
  • Module 1: Call and Covenant for Ministry - upload the Certificate of Completion.
  • Module 2: The Practice of Ministry - upload the Certificate of Completion.
  • Module 3: Organization for Ministry - upload the Certificate of Completion.
  • Module 4: Connection for Ministry - upload the Certificate of Completion.
  • District Superintendent Evaluation - Please meet with your DS and express your call. Please mark this step complete once you have met with your DS and requested that he or she complete the link with their evaluation
  • Sermon - upload a You Tube of Vimeo link of your sermon preached to a live congregation on one of these three texts: Matthew 16:13-18; Mark 1:16-20; Luke 4:16-30; John 3:1-16. Your video MUST be in Mp4 format ONLY. Please DO NOT create a high definition video.