DCOM - North East District

The District Committee on Ordained Ministry is made up of clergy and lay representatives from each district. Individuals who sense a call to ministry come through this committee to engage in the candidacy process. For more information about the role of the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, please refer to the Book of Discipline Paragraph 666.

Committee Members

Mike Moore, DCOM Chair
Jay Therrell, District Superintendent, Ex Officio
Elizabeth Flynn, Registrar

Barry Andrews, (T)
Arlinda Burks, (PG Chair)
Greg Doss, (T Chair)
Scott Farman, (L)
Beth Fogle-Miller, (P Chair)
James Jennings, (P)
Beth Joyner, (PG) 
Emily Knight, (PG) 
Barry Lane, (T)
Charles Lever, (L)
Bill McRae, (L)
David Moenning, (PG) 
Laurie Mullins, (T)
Alan Patz, (L)
Carole Rooks, (P)
Jeff St. Clair, (L Chair)
Kim Straughn, (L)
Pat Turner-Sharpton, (P)
Carolyn Williamson, (T)
David Williams

Roles on Committee:

  • L = Leadership
  • P = Proclamation
  • PG = Personal Growth
  • T = Theology

DCOM Training Manual

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