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DCOM - North East District

The District Committee on Ordained Ministry is made up of clergy and lay representatives from each district. Individuals who sense a call to ministry come through this committee to engage in the candidacy process. For more information about the role of the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, please refer to the Book of Discipline Paragraph 666.

Committee Members

Rev. Arlindall Burks, DCOM Chair
Rev. Durwood Foshee, District Superintendent, Ex Officio
Elizabeth Flynn, Registrar

Name Class
Alex Card 2022
Ron Coleman 2023
Rev. Sam Cowen 2024
Rev. Mason Dorsey 2024
Rev. Greg Grant 2023
Rev. Juana Jordan 2021
Vanetta Jordan 2022
Beth Joyner 2023
Rev. Emily Knight 2024
Rev. Art McClellan 2021
Rev. David Moenning 2021
Rose Muller 2021
Marilyn Myrick 2021
Rev. Simon Osunlana 2024
Rev. Phillip Short 2023
Rev. Jeff St. Clair 2021
Rev. Will Wold 2022
Rev. Carolyn Williamson 2024
Rev. Carrie Yoder 2021

2021 Meetings

August 11, 2021 (due July 14, 2021) - Please contact Elizabeth Flynn for more information -

December 1, 2021 (due November 3, 2021) - Please contact Elizabeth Flynn for more information -

DCOM Training Manual

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