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The North East District Office is a partner in your ministry and is here to serve the churches and clergy in the district to fulfill the mission of the Florida Conference to connect and equip congregations in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Please call, email or visit us if we can somehow be of service to you. 

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Please note our weekly emails are sent out via a mass email system. If you unsubscribe from those emails, you will no longer receive any mass emails from the District or Conference even if you are listed as holding a leadership position in our database. 

District Team

Durwood Foshee 
District Superintendent

Pam Levesque
Senior Assistant


Elizabeth Flynn
DCOM Registrar

 District Office 
1415 LaSalle Street,
FL 32207-3113
Phone: (904) 396-3026
Fax: (904) 396-6294 

We are not always physically in the office. Plese call us first to ensure we are in the office if you want to visit or drop something off. We do have a mail slot at the bottom of the front office door. Feel free to put materials for us in the mail slot if we are not in the office. The mail slot is located at the bottom of the front right door. 

2023/2024 DISTRICT DIRECTORY We ask that you be mindful of the number of emails that you send to the clergy and churches in an effort that their inbox does not become overloaded with solicitations. The district is happy to communicate information to our clergy and churches through the monthly newsletter. Please feel free to send any communication you would like shared to the district office

The North East District is comprised of 55 churches and 1 campus ministry team (Campus to City Wesley Foundation.) The District averages 10,604 people in weekly worship. We have over 5,600 people actively engaged in mission and serve close to 228,000 people with our community ministries.