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What to stream for Holy Week

What to stream for Holy Week


For many of us, spring break and Holy Week have collided. That can mean entertaining family and friends or watching videos when the sun is hottest on the beach. Here are some great movie picks for the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Below you'll find a list of movie recommendations including seven christian-themed dramas, four kid-friendly options and three movies now playing in theaters. Check it out!

Christian-themed dramas

Son of God

This retelling of Christ's life as narrated by John doesn't shy away from giving Christ a personality. Son of God is a film adaptation of a ten-hour miniseries that originally aired on the History channel. If you are looking for a longer binge session than the 138-minute movie has to offer, try out the full the series instead.

Amazing Grace

The plot follows William Wilberforce as he drives an anti-slave trade campaign in 18th century Britain. The film also depicts the religious journey of John Newton, the famous hymn writer and slave ship captain best known for writing "Amazing Grace." 

The Gospel of John

A three-hour visual retelling of the Gospel of John. This masterful epic is the result of a collaboration between artists and theologians from all around the world.


A biographical film about Martin Luther, played by Joseph Fiennes from "Risen," depicts how a monk who was unsatisfied with the Roman Catholic Church's teachings inspired the Protestant Reformation.

The Passion of the Christ

Mel Gibson's cinematic depiction of the passion that sparked controversy in Hollywood. It gains a resurgence of popularity almost every year around this time.

King of Kings

A classic telling of Christ's story with spectacular breadth that has gained in reputation over the years for its bold choices in casting and production. 


An oscar-winning film and an established epic cinematic masterpiece starring Charlton Heston from "The Ten Commandments."


For the kids

The Miracle Maker

There's something nostalgic about stopmotion that reminds many of us of the holidays. Our children deserve to experience that as well, wouldn't you agree?

VeggieTales: 'Twas the Night Before Easter

VeggieTales has become a staple for many of us when it comes to quality, wholesome entertainment. In this Easter story, the whole gang is a riot, as usual.

The Story of Jesus for Children

A unique way of telling the greatest story ever told that makes it more palatable for kids.

The Greatest Adventure Stories From the Bible: Episode 13, The Easter Story

 Not surprisingly, this classic cartoon has an Easter episode!


Now in theaters

If you're feeling adventurous enough to brave the holiday theater traffic, there are three Christian-themed films currently sporting a great variety of subjects.

The Young Messiah




Miracles from Heaven


Did we leave any important movies off the list? Please, let us know in the comments.

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