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Wait, pray, give as Hurricane Florence batters coast

Wait, pray, give as Hurricane Florence batters coast

Disaster Recovery

As we anxiously await word about Hurricane Florence, Disaster Recovery Ministry offers some assurance.

Many of you are already asking how you can help those who are or will be impacted by Florence. It is too early to know what–if anything–will be needed from outside the affected areas. Just as we needed time last year to assess the damage and identify our needs, we must give our neighbors time to do the same—and not hinder their efforts, no matter how well intended our offers of help. If and when there are opportunities to assist our neighbors, we will get the word out to our churches as quickly as possible.

Your prayers and gifts to UMCOR are the best possible resources to share before, during and after Florence makes landfall.  We know firsthand the difference those gifts can make, as we first responded in the aftermath and then began the long road of recovery–a road we are still traveling today!

People of faith are drawn to help in times of crisis. Please pray for the people of the Carolinas and Georgia. Pray for the first responders and other professionals who will be helping those in need.  Please pray as well for those who are remembering and reliving our experience from Irma one year ago this week- thousands of whom are still living in damaged homes waiting for help.
In the meantime, please help channel the deep desire and energy to help by inviting your churches to assemble their teams and work right here in Florida. Teams are needed in all five regions—Northeast, Central, Tampa Bay, Collier-Southwest and Monroe—to assist those still recovering from Irma. Practice your skills here and prepare your teams now so they will be ready to go when our neighbors are ready for them to come.

God created us to care for each other and especially for those who are lost and hurting. Pray and give your financial gifts to UMCOR until we know more.

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