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United Methodist Women: 150 years in mission

United Methodist Women: 150 years in mission

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Mary McLeod Bethune

Every year during Women’s History Month, the world celebrates the accomplishments of women. As United Methodist Women commemorates its 150th anniversary this month, they honor the women who have made United Methodist Women the transformative organization it is today.

In the 2019 mission study Women United for Change: 150 Years in Mission, Ellen Blue retells the founding of United Methodist Women and how the small Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society grew through the efforts of many individual women. The book shares the stories of how these women heeded the call to help others to create new ministries all over the world and took the first steps toward becoming the 800,000-strong organization that United Methodist Women is today.

Click here for more information about the anniversary and United Methodist Women, and click here for a March 2019 video about the legacy of Mary McLeod Bethune.

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