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Tweet Meet for AC slated for June 8

Tweet Meet for AC slated for June 8

Bishop Ken Carter will moderate the third "Tweet Meet" for the Florida Conference on June 8 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Laity and clergy members of the conference are invited to engage in online conversation about their experiences with leadership and their vision for leading like Jesus in our churches. Participants will need to have a Twitter account. They can sign up for one for free by going to

The hashtag for the meeting will be #flumc16.

"The goal is to have a meeting via social media that helps us to learn more about how we are leading like Jesus. We want people who favor using social media to share their experiences,” the Bishop said.

Participants are encouraged to discuss their personal experiences about being led or leading others. They may also suggest ideas that encourage Jesus-like leadership.

Here are some questions and guidelines suggested by Bishop Carter:
  1. Guiding rules: Do no harm. Do all the good you can. Be honest. Any comment is okay. We are learning. Introduce yourself (in 140 characters!). Be creative.
  2. What is your relationship to The United Methodist Church or the Florida Conference?
  3. When you think of the word "leadership," what additional words come to your mind? 
  4. How has someone led you like Jesus?
  5. Describe how a leader had a huge impact on your discipleship journey.
  6. What does the church do that gets in the way of leading like Jesus?
  7. How can people lead in creative ways?
  8. What is important to remember about leading others as disciples of Jesus?
  9. What is the most important thing a bishop of The United Methodist Church can do to encourage leading like Jesus?
  10. Can each person close with a sentence prayer related to our gathering in one week in Orlando?
Those who just want to follow the conversation can do so using the #flumc16 Twitter feed.

Bishop Carter's Tweet Meet will help set the stage for this year's Annual Conference, where the theme will be "Leading Like Jesus." The conference is scheduled for June 16-18 at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel in Orlando.