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‘The Table’ is theme for 2018 summer youth camp

‘The Table’ is theme for 2018 summer youth camp

Next Generations

Those who have previously attended the Warren Willis Camp in Fruitland Park near Leesburg may be surprised when they return this summer.

After combining operations with the Life Enrichment Center (LEC), the two entities—across the street from each other—will have a single staff, shared resources and expanded programs. Both will continue to offer the traditional programs people have come to expect.

As it has for the last four decades, Warren Willis will serve as the youth campsite, while the Life Enrichment Center is for family-based camps.

As is tradition, over 120 students from across the state of Florida will be hired as camp counselors. Over the past five years, the majority have come from FSU Wesley and have been an integral part of the summer camp culture.

“Anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 students come through our camps across the state of Florida,” Program Coordinator Asa Quinn said.

At Warren Willis, students from elementary school age through high school can participate in a variety of activities, including overnight camps, day camps and theme camps, such as Creative Spirit, where students are immersed in dance, drama, music theatre, visual arts or band.

Two different trip camps also are offered this summer: Wilderness Week and the Suwannee River canoe trip. These are designed to take high school students into the outdoors to experience appreciation for God’s creation.

In June and July, families can participate in a two-day camp at the Life Enrichment Center. They reside in motel-like facilities and participate in family-building activities held at both Fruitland Park facilities, such as games, scavenger hunts, sports and worship.

Those interested can learn more or register at

The theme for the Warren Willis summer camp season this year is “The Table.” Participants will focus on the importance of communion.

“God invites us all to have a seat at the table when society has put some people under the table,” Quinn said.

The Family Camp will have a road trip theme this summer.

“This theme is all about how there is never an endpoint when you die or with your walk with God. Life is a big journey and so is your faith,” explained Amy Scism, assistant program coordinator at the LEC.

The first week of summer camp will launch June 11. The deadline to register for any of the camp offerings is two weeks before the camp start date. If you are interested in any of the student summer camp opportunities, you can learn more here. For information on Family Camp, click here. If you are a church interested in assisting the camps with curriculum efforts, contact Asa Quinn at

—John Kazaklis is a freelance writer based in Lakeland.

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