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Telling Our Stories: Leading Like Jesus

Telling Our Stories: Leading Like Jesus

Conference News Leadership
The conference is seeking storytellers who will share stories about this year’s meeting theme, “Leading Like Jesus,” to publish in its website feature, “Telling Our Stories.”

“We want our church members to share stories about who, when and where they have witnessed someone leading like Jesus,” said Gretchen Hastings, director of Connectional Relations for the conference. “Stories can be about persons from any generation, any age from three to 93.”

We ask local church pastors, staff and district staff to help find participants for “Telling Our Stories” by encouraging persons they know who are willing to be our storytellers, she added.

There is a link below for nominating a storyteller.

Storytelling Guidelines
Length: 300-400 words; video three to five minutes

Questions for a jump start, if needed:
  • When have you been led by someone who was leading like Jesus?
  • When have you been inspired to lead like Jesus?
  • Tell the story about someone you know who led a group or team in the manner of Jesus.

To Tell Your Story
Please click here to go to our story submission page to send us your contact information and your story.

To Nominate a Storyteller
Please click here to nominate a storyteller.

If you have any questions, please email and use the subject line Storytelling.

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