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Ready-made meals for holiday stowaways

Ready-made meals for holiday stowaways


Don't forget that there is more than just the turkey dinner to figure out during the holiday. Many households experience a high traffic of guests coming in and out for days. Does that describe you? Fortunately, you can prepare with ready-made snacks and soups to help make your visitors feel at home.

Below you'll find a list of sandwich and soup recipes submitted to us from all over the Florida Conference. These are all things you can easily pull out of the refrigerator and reheat for later. We hope you find the recipe ideas helpful.

Did we leave out a great recipe? Link to it in the comments below or 
click here to submit your recipe to us!

Sandwich Menu

Quick and easy to make with several different options for serving.

Serve them for breakfast. You can snack on the leftovers throughout the day.

A simple way to feed a lot of people a warm meal, these sandwiches keep well for later.

Yummy and savory. Makes a great slider for the sports fans plopped in front of the TV.

Plenty for a crowd and sure beats the canned sauce mixes!



Soup Menu

A thick and creamy favorite.

Family recipe that warms the soul on those chilly Florida days.

A heavier potato soup with a little extra something to chew on!

A no fail comfort food that holds up well to being reheated over and over.

Sometimes a nice clear broth soup with some hearty ingredients is all it will take.


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