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Preaching Virtually, Not Virtually Preaching

Preaching Virtually, Not Virtually Preaching


The IOP offered a webinar on May 1, 2020 entitled "Preaching Virtually, Not Virtually Preaching" to assist clergy during this time of social distancing. The webinar offers both general guidance and practical tips. View the webinar and PowerPoint presentations using the links below. Almost overnight, congregations that never had much of an online presence and preachers who had never been on camera before were suddenly hosting worship on ZOOM, Facebook Live or Instagram TV. Preachers were pre-recording sermons from empty sanctuaries or proclaiming the Good News live from makeshift studios in their own living rooms.

As the “COVID crisis” persists, much of what we know as church will continue online. Even after the crisis passes, many of our members may not feel comfortable returning to large gatherings for some time and so they will continue to log on to church. Given this, how might we improve what we’re doing online? How might we better proclaim the gospel in this strange season of preaching virtually? Communications experts Carrie Ferenac (CEO, CNTV) and Christine Burkett (Duke Divinity School) take up these questions in a one-hour Institute of Preaching webinar.

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