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Photos from 'Flood Bucket Challenge' drop off

Photos from 'Flood Bucket Challenge' drop off

Missions and Outreach

It began with a challenge from one church to another. FUMC of Lakeland challenged Hyde Park UMC in Tampa to fill buckets of cleaning supplies to be delivered to flood victims across 28 Louisiana parishes. Through social media, churches from across the conference joined hands from Cypress Lakes and Boca Grande to Gainesville and Tallahassee and beyond. In the words of a prayer given at the event by Vicki Walker of Hyde Park, it became "a flood of grace upon grace."

Loading up and moving out to flood victims in 28 Louisiana parishes.
Volunteers at FUMC of Lakeland add cleaning supplies to plastic buckets donated by Home Depot and Lowes.
The recent storms in Louisiana have been described as Katrina without the wind. These buckets soon filled an entire semi-truck for delivery to families in need.
In the words of Pam Carter, project coordinator of the Flood Bucket Challenge, “Our hearts go out to you.”
Let’s do this! It all began with a challenge from one church to another. Within days, thousands of volunteers across Florida joined the cause in what Bishop Harvey called “part of a beautiful connection.”
Ground zero for a ministry of love and compassion. The challenge brought in nearly 3,000 buckets across the state.
Pastor David McIntyre of FUMC, Lakeland, and Bishop Harvey of Louisiana joined via Skype to bless the buckets and give thanks.
This load is ready to hit the road as volunteers take advantage of every square foot of available space.

Photos by Tim Turner. Click here for downloadable files.

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