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P.I.N.K. Girls learn to make a difference through Peace with Justice

P.I.N.K. Girls learn to make a difference through Peace with Justice

P.I.N.K. Girls is a recipient of a 2019 Florida United Methodist Conference Peace with Justice grant for $3,000. So, who are the P.I.N.K. Girls?

They are Pretty, Intelligent, Nice, and Knowledgeable elementary students making a difference where they are.  They are mentored, helped with academics, and encouraged by the Women In Ministry Network (W.I.M.N) an ecumenical group of women pastors in Gainesville. 

P.I.N.K. Girls learn to make a difference

Mentors include Rev. Geraldine W. McClellan, Rev. Mary Mitchell, Rev. LaShon Young, Rev. Winter Brown, and Ms. Yolanda Seabrooks.

They promote and cultivate girls to value who they are, their gifts and talents, and to speak truth to power. Their mission is to enable the girls to take responsibility for their lives and to speak out on issues.  They are learning how to restore community through effective non-violent communication as part of the UMC Peace with Justice initiative.

Their goals are to meet educational needs, reduce bullying, and have non-violent communication.  This was accomplished with resources, field trips, and celebrations during the school year.

They participated in such activities as the Martin Luther King parade and Black History Month. They learned to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and they have a bullying song they sing written by a retired teacher, Mrs. Angela Terrell.

P.I.N.K. Girls are pretty, intelligent, nice, and knowledgeable.

June 7 is Peace with Justice Sunday in the United Methodist Church, although it can be celebrated at any time the local churches find it convenient. A special offering is taken to make difference in the lives of children in Florida. It is a life-changing opportunity.

The Florida Conference Creation Care task force also received a Peace with Justice grant for $500.  The money was used to purchase 54 double-walled metal cups with a plastic and foam-free logo, 100 buttons, and 500 stickers with the same logo.

This was to promote the plastic and foam-free resolution that passed last year at the Annual Conference and also to expand Creation Care ministries in the local church.

In 2017, the General Board of Church and Society gave a grant of $5,000 to Allendale UMC of St. Petersburg for a project focused on shutting down the school-to-prison pipeline. That amount came from the half of the offering that is shared with GBCS to be given to local churches around the world by grants.

The other half stays in the Conference each year when the offering is received.

The Peace With Justice offering makes a difference in the lives of people you know.

--Alma B. Manney is the Peace with Justice Coordinator for the Florida Conference.