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Over 100 attend GC 2019 listening session

Over 100 attend GC 2019 listening session

Way Forward
Over 100 people recently attended a special day of listening regarding the General Conference 2019 special session. It was an opportunity for the delegates to listen to clergy and lay persons from around the conference regarding the GC 2019 issues.
Below are some photos of the morning session, which facilitated discussion among participants and members of the delegation. The groups spent time talking about the following questions:
  • What three words describe your feelings/thoughts on where we are as a church?
  • What is your hope for our time together (today)?
  • What is your greatest hope for our denomination?
  • What is one thing you want the delegation to keep in mind as they represent the Florida Conference at GC 2019?

Click on a photo for a closer look.

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