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Mission u: on missions with children for children

Mission u: on missions with children for children

Missions and Outreach Next Generations

The Florida Conference Mission u convened at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fla., in July with a focus on missions with children.
The youth packed 200 bags of food that will be given to impoverished children and youth in Tampa.

Mission u invited participants to bring donations of specific foods to provide healthy and nutritious snacks for children and new or gently used books to give to the Cornerstone Family Ministries in Tampa.

Established in 1892, Cornerstone Family Ministries has evolved through the years and is now represented by a broad section of the Christian community moved to make a difference for Christ in the lives of marginalized children and their families.

Moving with the times and the changes in the neighborhoods that make up Tampa’s inner-city, Cornerstone serves the needs of children from diverse backgrounds using education and Christian character building to equip children and their families to navigate the difficult circumstances they find themselves in so that they can realize hope for a brighter tomorrow.

On missions with children for children

The youth attending Mission u participated in a “food bagging” event. They packed everything from crackers to single servings of meats to non-perishable fruits like applesauce and juices into a large zip-lock bag. In addition, the bags included a book about healthy eating.

The youth packed 200 bags that will be given to impoverished children and youth in Tampa.

A Mission u spokesperson expressed thanks to the United Methodist women and men who generously donated food for the ministry.
The children bagged or tied books together with twine to give to children who may not have books at home.

During a “book bagging” event, the younger, elementary children helped sort a myriad of books also donated by attendees at Mission u.

The children began by organizing over 1000 books according to age-appropriateness. They then bagged or tied the books with twine to give to children who may not have books in the home.

A note from Cornerstone Early Learning Lab said: “Thank You! We are so glad you are a partner with Cornerstone Family Ministries in accomplishing our mission to:

-Nurturing Young Bodies—through nutritious food;
-Developing Young Minds—through education and literacy;
-Fostering Hope—through Christ…One Child at a Time.”

Overall, these hands-on mission experiences shaped the lives of the young children and older youth who participated in making a positive difference in other children’s lives, according to a Mission u spokesperson. This also can significantly influence the lives of children who love books being read aloud to them and offers an effective way to impact student’s literacy development.

Pamela Davis, Children’s Coordinator at Mission u and lifelong child advocate, truly believes that in Florida, “We make children our #1 priority,” and she thanked Cornerstone Family Ministries and Florida Mission u for partnering to make a difference in the lives of our children—our future.

United Methodist Women

The Florida Conference Mission u event also celebrated the United Methodist Women’s 150 years in mission with a “Birthday Bash.”

“United Methodist Women inherits the vision and toil of women’s missionary societies of eight denominations since 1869. Its 150-year legacy started when the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society first organized in Boston in response to a lack of women’s health in India,” according to the UMW website.

“Women in the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren traditions organized about the same time in history (1869-1893) when women and children were legally classified as “chattel, legally dead, non-persons.” There was little service to women because of prejudice and limitations of cultural attitudes in the church and in society.”

Click here to read more about the history and legacy of the UMW.

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