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How to recruit volunteers (when begging doesn't work)

How to recruit volunteers (when begging doesn't work)

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Young volunteers of different ethnicity sort clothes from a donation box
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The minority of the people do the majority of the work. Unfortunately, that is a statement of fact for many churches, and one that can lead to discontent among members. Churches need volunteers, and lots of them. But how can you convince someone to sacrifice time, energy and sometimes even their own money to do something for free? How can you  attract volunteers?

By using some innovative and creative means of promoting the need for volunteers, you can let people know about service opportunities without turning them off.

Start with Scripture

The greatest way church leaders can gain volunteers is to teach and dialogue about the importance of loving through action. For United Methodists, participating in hands-on ministry and mission is a way of living our membership vows to support the church with our “prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.”

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