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Fourth recipes: a real summertime celebration

Fourth recipes: a real summertime celebration


Memorial Day is thought of by some as the kick off to summer, barbeques and picnics. July Fourth is a real summertime celebration: fruits and berries are in abundance, the grill has been tuned up and Florida’s hot, humid weather rolls in every morning. Enjoy the Fourth with recipes submitted by other people from around the Conference. Don’t forget to stock the cooler with plenty of ice!

Bring on the steak, shrimp, chicken and ribs!

This can be prepared on a preheated, greased barbecue grill, a cast iron skillet or a broiler pan. If using corn taco shells, it is friendly for gluten-free guests.

This citrus and mint is a refreshing summer alternative to heavier, tomato-based barbeque sauces.

Grill twice as much as needed, and leftovers can be used for sandwiches after the holiday.

Grilling is for breakfast, too!

This recipe frees up time and grill geography by combining cooking the ribs low and slow, then finishing off the barbeque glazing in the oven.


Sides with no mayonnaise are picnic friendly.

This is a crisp, refreshing summer salad. Make sure to use a European (seedless) cucumber because there is no need to peel it.

Hearty and tasty, with no mayonnaise. Everything is better with bacon!

Paired with a green salad, this could be a meal in itself: chock full of ground beef and hot smoked sausage.

Helen Enders and her husband owned a German deli in NYC, and this was one of their customers’ favorites. Carrots can be added.

Florida’s avocados are in season, and watermelon is rolling into the fruit and vegetable stands. Fresh mint and basil brighten the flavors of the fruit in this salad.


Desserts include a pound cake to be garnished with all the abundant mid-summer fresh fruit.

The charm of this recipe is that you can make the coconut pie without a crust. The Bisquick makes a great crust. Put everything in a blender, and it is done except for the baking.

This recipe is a contributor’s favorite because of the old-fashioned richness. Her sister, 15 years older, felt that when she got married she was "grown enough" to have this recipe.

There is no description other than delicious. And, because they are bars, there is no need for a plate and fork!

Quick and easy. From the contributor: “These cookies started with my brother's mother-in-law in New Orleans. Since the cookies did not have a name, I started calling them NOLA's and they are a huge request with my family and friends.”


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