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Adventurers Leadership Academy teaches Fresh Expressions in an immersive way

Adventurers Leadership Academy teaches Fresh Expressions in an immersive way

Fresh Expressions Leadership

Fresh Expressions Florida is celebrating the latest graduates of the Adventurers Leadership Academy. 

There were 15 lay and clergy leaders from Florida who earned a certificate in Fresh Expressions and Adventurers Ministry as well as 8.0 CEUs from United Theological Seminary. 

In 2021, the Florida Conference partnered with the North Georgia Conference, Western North Carolina Conference, and United Theological Seminary to expand Florida’s Pioneer Leadership Academy into a multi-conference learning program that utilizes the talents and experiences of real Fresh Expressions practitioners from diverse contexts and geographic locations, equipping clergy and lay people to cultivate new ways of being the church for those outside its traditional forms.

The ALA is a cohort-based learning process that provides immersive, practical training alongside education from theologians and thought leaders within the Fresh Expressions movement. Students are given personalized coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and the opportunity to travel to locations where fresh expressions of church are transforming local communities with the gospel.

In the last year, the Adventurers Leadership Academy hosted four immersive gatherings across multiple states. At each gathering, local practitioners shared their stories and invited students to participate in these fresh expressions of church. This approach was paired with teaching sessions, times of prayer and worship, and opportunities to connect with one another. From dinner church to zip lining, the immersive gatherings are truly exciting and inspiring!

For many students, the relationships found throughout the ALA became a great source of encouragement, creativity, and spiritual renewal. As they journeyed together through the process, the education and connections that they built along the way became a wellspring for innovation and attunement to God’s call that they brought back to their communities. Many new missional ministries have emerged from this year.

The newest cohort of students began their journey last week in Dayton, Ohio with their fellow adventurers. They gleaned from the experiences of the graduating class and visited innovative ministries in the West Ohio Conference. Through the learning sessions, the students explored the distinctly Wesleyan approach to Fresh Expressions and the theological foundations of the movement.

There will be opportunities to join the Adventurers Leadership Academy throughout the year. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to the Fresh Expressions Florida team at

Piper Ramsey-Sumner is the Cultivator of Fresh Expressions for the Florida Conference.

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