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Family-favorite Easter recipes

Family-favorite Easter recipes

Skip the recipe egg hunt this year. We scrounged up several seasonal recipes for your Easter feaster. Check out these delicious options submitted by our own community.


Easy to prepare and even easier to eat as it falls apart in your mouth.

An entrée that is sure to impress when prepared correctly.

Puffy pockets of eggy, hammy, cheesy deliciousness!

Make just about anything better with a slather of tangy ham spread.

The key to this one is really dicing up the broccoli into small pieces.

Who knew savory turnips could become a sweet treat?

This is very good with a pot pie for a little different twist. Or, how about making it with that quiche up there?

A savory, sweet sandwich filling that could be a refreshing alternative with the early summer we're experiencing this holiday.

A robust compliment to a baked potato or poultry. Try it with the cornish hen recipe.  

Here's a great recipe you can modify for those leftover hard-boiled eggs.

The kind of homemade candy recipe that will become a nostalgic favorite for your whole family.

Another peanut butter candy recipe, but this one has chocolate!

A refreshingly creamy pie with a tropical kick.

Did we leave out a great recipe? Link to it in the comments below or click here to submit your recipe to us!

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