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Celebrate Palm Sunday by hanging palm branches outside your home

Celebrate Palm Sunday by hanging palm branches outside your home

Palm Sunday is nearly upon us, a time when we commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem to mark the beginning of Holy Week.

Churches traditionally mark this day with children and members of congregations throughout the world waving and displaying palm branches. This represents the branches the crowds laid in Jesus’ path as he rode into the city.

We’re all aware of the challenges that churches face from the COVID-19 epidemic, but even we can’t gather in person we can still show the significance of the day. A movement is spreading through social media and other outlets for people to display palm branches outside their homes.

Avondale UMC in Jacksonville is inviting everyone to hang palm branches in their homes the Friday before Palm Sunday. The pictures will be shared on the Sunday morning livestream as a palm procession. 


Don’t have access to palm fronds? In that case, some denominations are encouraging people to hang anything green. In the state of Maine, for instance, there are no palm trees. Because of that, a Catholic priest is encouraging people to hang pine branches.

In Florida, we’re encouraging anyone who hangs any sort of greenery outside their home to take a picture and send it to  Florida Conference Communicator Brittany Jackson here at for a possible multi-media presentation next week.

Stay safe everyone!