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Black History Month resources available

Black History Month resources available

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In celebration of Black History Month, United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) has provided resources, which can be accessed here. Highlighted resources below start with a new video of James Lawson's reflections on the nonviolence movement, civil rights and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Video courtesy UMCOM.) Churches and community members that would like to share what they are celebrating during Black History Month are encouraged to post the details in the comments section below.

James Lawson: Reflections on Life, Nonviolence, Civil Rights, MLK
United Methodist pastor and activist James M. Lawson has been called the “architect of the nonviolence movement” in America. Lawson was a close ally to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.and trained the young people whose peaceful witness at lunch counters in the South sought to end racial discrimination in businesses and public places. At age 88, he looked back at the pivotal moments that shaped his life and ministry.

Read full transcript. 

As part of this interview, Rev. Lawson shared more details about what inspired him to befriend the man accused of killing MLK. Watch video

Also, hear stories of other United Methodists who shared MLK's dream. ​

Other resources

Encore: Methodist History: Bishop fought slavery
Encore: Tindley Temple            
Walking with King Series
Selma (talk of MLK, anniversary of Selma march is March 9)
Timeline in black and white
Part of history, African-American spirituals still heal


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