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Black History Month: Honoring Black Methodists' history

Black History Month: Honoring Black Methodists' history

Social Justice

African-Americans are a vital part of the tapestry of The United Methodist Church. They have played important roles in the development of the denomination in the United States since 1758. In celebration of Black History Month, Discipleship Ministries has provided resources, which can be accessed here. They include suggestions for music, sermons and storytelling.

Center Honors Black Methodists’ History

A church is not a building, but a group of people coming together with shared values. Part of the rich story of Methodism includes African Americans who chose to stay with the denomination despite being sometimes excluded or treated unfairly. Archivists hope churches and families will donate items to the African American Methodist Heritage Center, so the stories of those who built the church will remain alive for future generations.

Click here to access a video regarding the Heritage Center. Read full transcript here.

If you have family or church items to donate to the African American Methodist Heritage Center, you can email Carol Travis or call 973-408-3862.

You can support the African American Methodist Heritage Center by giving to Advance project #302051.

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