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What about Bob?

What about Bob?

Bob Goff makes a point of living outside the bounds of what is realistic.

He put his phone number on the back of his New York Times best-seller, Love Does. He never makes appointments. Every Thursday, he quits something. In the two years since Love Does was published, Goff has been encouraging people to dream, to get out and do something extraordinary.

There’s no question that his stories and the example of his everyday life are inspiring, but are the ideas he sets forth realistic for everyone? Goff spins globe-trotting yarns of lunching with international dignitaries and inventing rockets with orphaned children in poverty-stricken villages. Incredible, beautiful stories, but a little hard to imitate while you’re trying to pay off student loans. We all know that “love does,” but love has a much easier time doing when you’re a retired lawyer with diplomatic credentials.

Or so it would seem. RELEVANT sent Donald Miller, a longtime friend of Goff’s, to talk to him about Love Does, living passionately and overcoming failure. In the course of their conversation, Goff gave a few tips on how to live the wild, whimsical, wonder-filled life—no matter where you are in your journey.

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