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"Walking with King" project

"Walking with King" project


Click here for the UMNS "Walking with King" project.

Each year, United Methodist Bishop Woodie White, writes a letter to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., recapping significant developments in race relations and civil rights. Though White and King never became personal friends, the bishop says he has built a friendship with the late civil rights leader through words and ideas.

The bishop’s tradition prompted members of United Methodist News Service to ask the question: If you could speak to Martin Luther King Jr. today, what would you say to him? In addition to White, UMNS posed the question to nine people whose lives have been changed by the civil rights leader. Some of those interviewed in this project knew him personally, some only know of his legacy. Either way, King has shaped their lives and influenced who they are today.

The "Walking With King" feature showcases the full multimedia range of the UMNS staff. This project allowed us, for the first time, to combine print, video, audio, flash and Internet presentation to tell meaningful stories.

Each member of the seven-person team contributed his or her strengths and areas of expertise to make this a memorable project. For the past 12 weeks, the team scheduled interviews, booked television crews, logged tapes, collected photos, wrote copy, and built Web graphics/links and flash presentations.

The collective teamwork has truly been in a King-like spirit. This is our tribute to the great civil rights leader and those who are still "Walking With King."

-- Ginny Underwood, Director, United Methodist News Service