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Add off-site Christmas Eve services this year

Add off-site Christmas Eve services this year

Many churches know they are not connecting with the world around them but don’t know what to do about it. One marvelous way to reach out in a grace-filled way occurs on Christmas Eve. The celebration of God’s incarnate love for us in Jesus Christ provides the church with an incredible opportunity for outreach. Even in our secularized society, there is still a thread of understanding that perceives Christmas as holy time. On Christmas Eve, it’s as if the world stops and looks at the church and says, “We don’t pay much attention to you through the year, but tonight, we’ll listen. What do you have to say?”

What I have learned in my experiences of reaching out on Christmas Eve at restaurants, nursing homes, prisons, football stadium parking lots, and bars, is that on Christmas Eve people want to remember. For a few moments on Christmas Eve, they want to go to their proverbial home and believe that there can be peace on earth and good will toward all.

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