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Ten tips for holier Holy Communion

Ten tips for holier Holy Communion

The Christian faith is proved in its performance. This faith is not so much a set of beliefs or propositions, but a way of life, something we do, a way we walk, a set of embodied practices. A Christian is someone who not only talks like Jesus but also walks like Jesus.

And eats like Jesus--that especially.

How typical of Jesus to culminate his earthly ministry with a meal alongside friends. There, he did not say “believe this,” but “do this,” promising that, as often as we eat or drink this meal in the future, he'll be with us. The way to Eucharistic renewal is for more robust, more frequent, more lively celebration of the sacrament of Holy Communion.

When I began my scholarly career, upon being invited to teach worship at a United Methodist seminary, I visited a renowned Catholic liturgical scholar at Yale. “I've got to teach liturgics to Methodists who have, despite our roots, neglected the sacraments,” I told him. “What should I do to excite future pastors about their sacramental leadership?”

He replied, “I would teach cooking classes.” What?

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