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Share It is conference's new 'storycatcher'

Share It is conference's new 'storycatcher'

The Florida Conference is launching Share It, a new community engagement platform, at, according to Gretchen Hastings, director of Connectional Relations, “and we are pleased to announce that it is in English and Spanish.

"Its overall big, audacious goal is to catch local church stories about getting out of the pews and into the streets," she added. "Its format and purpose is the same as our Facebook page: to provide daily inspiration to our fans and a place for churches to share their stories about ministries." Subscribers can continue to comment on posts or share posts with their social media accounts. (Subscribe here.)



Changing the world, one story at a time

“We wanted to kick it up a notch in our efforts to publish what local churches are doing to get beyond their walls and have positive impact in their communities,” said Hastings. “Our local churches have so many stories about being the hands and feet of Christ through missions, outreach, prayer, service and worship.”

The goal is to share the good news on all the conference’s digital platforms, she added. “This is a place for local churches to share and engage in conversation about how they are answering Jesus’ call to love our neighbors.

“We want to publish what churches are doing to end hunger in their neighborhoods, help our veterans, tutor children, provide a community-wide prayer ministry or stage a Walk through Bethlehem, for example.”  It isn’t a forum for promoting Conference department programs or a clearinghouse for Conference-related information.

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Why a new platform?

“Facebook announced this March that only 6 percent of our 7,400 fans were going to receive our posts unless we buy ads or pay to boost our reach. That means only around 450 of our fans are receiving our posts,” Hastings explained. “Social media reporters predict that in the next year the fan reach will be zero unless we ‘pay to play,’ and we decided that using apportionment dollars to pay Facebook to reach our fans is not good stewardship.”

Unlike Facebook, the conference site will not have ads or mine individuals’ data. “While our focus is Share It, we’ll continue to post to Facebook daily,” said Hastings.