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Strategic Leadership Team offers interim report to the Florida Annual Conference

Strategic Leadership Team offers interim report to the Florida Annual Conference

The purpose of the SLT, as defined at its formation in 2010, is to “clarify the vision of the Annual Conference, ensure this vision is accomplished, and ensure the alignment of all Annual Conference resources and ministries with the vision.”  The team’s interim report expresses the team’s consensus for a portion of this work in progress.  The team has been meeting monthly over the past two years to assess current processes and structure and to discern and clarify the vision of the Annual Conference.  During this time, it engaged in conversations with present conference leadership and sought input from various stakeholders across the conference.

The interim report explains the recommended direction, and a short summary is below.  A link to the complete interim report is at the end of this article.

The team’s direction focuses on supporting the role of the District Superintendent as the “chief missional strategist” (2012 Book of Discipline) in leading our churches to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Key actions to support our “chief missional strategists” will include:

  • Focused staffing at the Annual Conference level that will resource the missional strategy of each of our nine districts, as well as addressing the increasing complexity of our conference’s ethnicity.
  • Redirection of resources to local churches and their communities.
  • Formation of a collaborative Annual Conference resource team of departments and ministries.  This resource team will be responsible for integrating work efforts and role functions, seeking to eliminate redundancy, developing communication tools and resources that will support a common vision and align the resources and gifts that are present in our annual conference.

Within the next month, the Conference will begin implementing the staffing changes required by this new direction.

Click here to read the entire Executive Summary of the SLT interim report.