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Take inviting photos of your church

Take inviting photos of your church

Diverse group of people greeting one another at First UMC, Miami
In addition to technical aspects, photos that reveal the personality and fellowship of a church, like the one above from First UMC, Miami, or photos that help online visitors picture themselves in worship, like the one below from Trinity UMC, Tallahassee, are good choices for church websites. Home page teaser photo from First UMC, Coral Gables.
Worship service at Trinity UMC, Tallahassee

According to the adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in today's image-driven culture, a photograph might be what brings visitors to your church.

If you have shopped for a house online, you probably have noticed the difference between a house advertisement with great photos and one without. Most likely, a house advertised with bad photos will not initially make your list. A house with great photos will get your second and third look and, perhaps eventually, a visit.

A church is the same. People will likely envision themselves within a church, imagining themselves in various church settings. They want to see how they might fit into a congregation's culture. Photos of a church taken without care or consideration of who might look at them could convey a negative message.

For tips and techniques to take the best photos of your church, click here.




-- Gavin Richardson is a writer for United Methodist Communications.