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Churches can now promote local events on conference website

Churches can now promote local events on conference website

Local churches now have a conference-wide platform to promote their local events.

The Florida Conference website now hosts the Local Church Events feature, located under quick links on the left side of the home page at

Sample pumpkin patch promotion:  Come to picturesque Lake Helen and pick out your pumpkins today! All sizes, shapes and prices to suit your taste. Hours are Sunday through Friday, Noon to 7 pm, Saturdays 9 am to 7 pm.

"We wanted a place where local churches can promote events that have broad appeal beyond their immediate communities," explained Gretchen Hastings, managing director of Connectional Relations.

“It gives churches a way to publish short media releases that can include photos and art.  We already have some pumpkin patch promotions!”

The new site is organized by districts.

"All churches already have the opportunity to post events to their own specific conference Web page, which reaches their church members," according to East Central District Business Administrator Janet Kelley.

"This is different because it is designed specifically for promoting events that appeal to people beyond a local church, and it is a resource for churches to learn about what other churches are doing in their communities."

Kelley said she encourages churches to think about their target audiences.

"Before posting, ask yourself if people outside of your church would be interested in your event," she said.

Some events that may have broad appeal to people in neighboring churches and communities are:

• training and workshops
• special speakers
• concerts
• theater productions
• fall festivals
• Christmas cantatas.

The events will post in date order and will automatically rotate off the list on the end date of the event.  Visitors to the site will have the ability to review the entire list of events throughout Florida or sort the list by district, city or ZIP code.

Instructions for posting are on the local church event page, Once a local church submits an event, its district office is notified to give it a quick review and to post it.  Most submissions will post within 24 hours, according to Hastings.

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