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[e-Review] Weekly digest #100621

[e-Review] Weekly digest #100621

e-Review Florida United Methodist News Service

June 22, 2010   
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Leaders say financial outlook is promising
By Kitty Carpenter | June 18, 2010
LAKELAND — Although not fully recovered from the economic downturn of recent years, things are getting better — much better. That was the Florida Conference treasurer’s assessment as he began his report on the financial health of the conference at this year's annual business session.
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Bishop says ending poverty is question of relationships, faith
By Jenna De Marco | June 16, 2010
How to end global poverty and the question of whether that goal is even possible were key topics of discussion at this year’s Florida Annual Conference Event. Bishop Peter Weaver says it is possible and offered a unique perspective to members on how to make that mission a reality.
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Q&A: Hopeful for ‘hunger no more’
By Derek Maul | June 15, 2010
LAKELAND — In a conversation with e-Review after speaking to more than 1,700 Florida United Methodists during the opening of their annual business session, the Rev. David Beckmann explains the challenges of ridding the world of extreme poverty and why he’s optimistic it can be done.
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Hunger relief president calls on members to leverage citizenship
By Derek Maul | June 15, 2010
LAKELAND — The good news is great strides have been made to end extreme poverty. The bad news is there is much more to do. But it can be done, if people have the will to do it.
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Pre-conference classes inspire members
By J.A. Buchholz | June 14, 2010
LAKELAND — Many of the nearly 900 lay and clergy members who registered at the Lakeland Center a day before the official start of the Florida Conference’s annual session hadn’t arrived early just to get ready for the business of the conference. They were there to learn.
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Governor talks faith, not politics at conference event 
By J.A. Buchholz | June 12, 2010
LAKELAND — United Methodists attending the 2010 Florida Annual Conference Event June 10-12 got to see a different side of the man who is leading the state.
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Global Connection Headlines           
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• Father’s Day has Methodist ties
• Q&A: Toward full communion with Episcopalians
• Longtime Sunday companions: Caring fellowship helps classes endure
• Red Bird school seeks funds to reopen
• Zimbabwe’s crisis tested Class of 2010
• AGING WELL: Building friendships that cross generations
• Church revives spirits on Gulf Coast
• Upper Room part of World Cup evangelism
• United Methodists need to face abuse crisis
• Clergy job protections part of covenant
• Imagine No Malaria provides $2 million for Sierra Leone net distribution
• Oil spill touches Louisiana churches
• WESLEYAN WISDOM: Don’t disregard value of our small churches
• United Methodist Church in Vietnam moves forward
• Mission fields expand across the globe
Florida Conference Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker
  Rainy season | June 21, 2010
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