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May 31, 2010   
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Florida City church picks up pieces after fire
By Jenna De Marco | May 28, 2010
Despite a fire that destroyed their church just hours before, members of the Branches United Methodist Mission community gathered for worship and made the commitment to continue their ministry.
full story: http://www.flumc2.org/FCNN/articles/000064/006451.htm
Commentary: The descent of the Holy Spirit
An e-Review commentary by Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker | May 27, 2010
Pentecost Sunday is a celebration of the Holy Spirit coming among the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection, but Florida Conference Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker says that’s not what makes Pentecost unique.
full story: http://www.flumc2.org/FCNN/articles/000064/006450.htm
Teams visiting Angola build more than structures
By John Michael De Marco | May 24, 2010
A number of short-term missionary teams have visited Angola this year as part of the conference’s commitment to the East Angola/Florida partnership, but the future impact of the Florida Conference in the war-torn country has yet to be determined.
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Hispanic ministry position gets revamp in wake of budget cuts
By John Michael De Marco | May 21, 2010
A recent decision to cut $525,000 from the Florida Conference’s 2011 budget is causing leaders to make tough decisions related to Hispanic ministry programming and staffing.
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• Colleges train poor to help with oil spill
• Lost in transition: Post-graduates have hard time finding a congregational niche
• Scientists in Israel hope to save biblical animals
• Immigration policy divides churchgoers
• Millennials support increased immigration
• COMMENTARY: How full is your menu?
• Peace grant helps inner-city youth
• Child mortality rates declining worldwide
• Change the World Success leads to 2011 event
• Upper Room present at World Cup
• Pastors say job security part of covenant
• REFLECTIONS: Chaplains wrestle with repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
• Commission takes aim at clergy job guarantees
• AGING WELL: Church reaches older adults with live-streamed worship
• Generous God vs. cheap church
• Youth turn plastic bags into bed mats

Florida Conference Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker
   Disaster and foresight | May 27, 2010
   Black clergy gathering | May 21, 2010

full story:
Office of Congregational Transformation
   The art of making announcements | May 27, 2010
   What if it’s a whole lot easier than we thought | May 14, 2010
 full story:
Angola Mission Blog
   Amanda’s farewell | May 18, 2010
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