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Palm Harbor church reaches out to unemployed

Palm Harbor church reaches out to unemployed

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Palm Harbor church reaches out to unemployed

By Cathy Hart | April 8, 2009

PALM HARBOR, Fla. — Palm Harbor United Methodist Church held a seminar April 2 to help its unemployed and underemployed neighbors find a job.

Led by area professional career counselors, the seminar offered tips and techniques to help people cope during the transition to a new job and a checklist of elements comprising an effective job search plan.

The seminar and the church’s newly formed Employment Support Network (ESN) were developed, in part, to support members of the congregation who have been affected by unemployment. Both were also designed to assist church members’ friends and family and anyone in the community who has lost his or her job or anticipates a job loss.

Organizers say ESN will continue to meet weekly.


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