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In Brief — March 8, 2007 {0633}

In Brief — March 8, 2007 {0633}

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In Brief — March 8, 2007

March 8, 2007    News media contact: Tita Parham* 
800-282-8011    Orlando {0633}

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This series includes:

n Bethune-Cookman College earns university status, changes name;
n Clergy celebrate 25th, 50th anniversaries at annual gathering.

Bethune-Cookman College earns university status, changes name
By Bethune-Cookman University Staff

Students celeberate their achievement during May 11 commencement exercises. Photo by John Reeves. Photo #07-0533. Web photo only.

DAYTONA BEACH — In the spirit of love and appreciation for the hard work of her trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni, President Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed took the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to make a campus-wide announcement that the college has officially been
renamed Bethune-Cookman University.

“This has been a part of the vision for the college since August of 2004,” Reed said.

A grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded the initial planning that resulted in a master’s degree program being launched in August 2007. That led to the school’s eligibility
for university status.

“Our graduate school and the graduate program in Transformative Leadership have enabled us to become the great Bethune-Cookman University,” Reed said. “I am certain that our founder,
Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, would be very pleased that we have taken her vision into the 21st century.”

According to the “new” Bethune-Cookman University officials, a formal announcement and ceremony will take place at the March meeting of the school’s board of trustees.

School officials expect the name change will be phased in over the next 24 months. “This is a huge and exciting undertaking,” said Dr. Stephen Schafer, vice president for advancement.

Schafer will be responsible for implementing a marketing plan that will ensure the school keeps its history intact, while taking every advantage of publicizing its new university status.

The marketing and public relations plan calls for new signage on the campus grounds and buildings and changes on the Web site and every printed document.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable with the change and encourage our alumni and students to continue to use the B-CC and Bethune-Cookman College names as long as they want to,” Reed said. “I have no plans to change the alma mater.”

According to Reed, the next step will be to develop a committee of stakeholders to build consensus for the many changes that will come with adoption of the new name.

“The alumni are elated that we have gone to another level. We think it’s wonderful,” said Jackie Mongal, president of the new Bethune-Cookman University national alumni association. “We see the value of the university status and we want our alma mater to grow. We’ve come along way in our history. I know Dr. Bethune would be proud.”

Bethune-Cookman University had its beginnings in 1904 when Mary McLeod Bethune opened the Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls. In 1923 the school became a co-ed high school as a result of a merger with Cookman Institute of Jacksonville, Fla. A year later, the school became affiliated with The United Methodist Church, evolved into a junior college by 1931 and became known as Bethune-Cookman College. The school’s student body comprises more than 3,000 students from most U.S. states, the Caribbean Islands and 35 countries. The college is the 6th largest of the 39-member United Negro College Fund colleges.

Clergy celebrate 25th, 50th anniversaries at annual gathering

By Nell Thrift**

LAKELAND — Florida Conference Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker and the conference Commission on Archives and History will recognize clergy celebrating the 50th and 25th anniversaries of their ordination as deacons at the 2007 annual conference event.

Those receiving golden anniversary certificates for their ordination in 1957 include: David L. Adams, Donald L. Bain, James W. Baugher, Oswald P. Bronson, Gary Wayne Buhl, Gordon N. Craig, Walter D. Edwards, W. Ray Finklea, Henry G. Galloway, Kenneth W. Griffith, Raymond R. Grossman, Neil M. Gunsalus, Harris Cleveland Jones III, James H. LaFon, Robert W. Milby Sr., Larry C. O’Steen, Thomas J. Price Jr., Michael M. Pszyk Jr., J. Paul Sampley, Stacy Selph and Robert P. Sofge.

Those receiving silver anniversary certificates for their ordination in 1982 include: Frederick W. Ball, Michael D. Cloyd, William G. Corristan III, H. Clark Edwards, Elizabeth A. Fogle-Miller, Carol E. Green, John E. Griswold, Andrew Donald McMillan Sr., Gary W. Morris, Thomas W. Otto, Alan Ernest Patz, Esther L. Robinson and Wayne David Wiatt.

Errors or omissions in the lists should be reported to Nell Thrift at P.O. Box 3767, Lakeland, 33802;; or 863-688-9276.


*Parham is managing editor of e-Review Florida United Methodist News Service.
**Thrift is conference archivist.