The church and homosexuality [July 12, 2006 {0516}; An e-Review Florida UMNS Commentary by Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker]

e-Review Florida United Methodist News Service

Let us not call evil good or good evil. In order to join the church, individuals must not be in willful sin or in denial of that sin. For an open homosexual to join, they should be advised that homosexual activity is sin and they should acknowledge the sin and desire repentance. Anything less is compromise with sin. One other issue that troubles me in the article is the concern for how other denominations will view us if we bless same-sex unions in the church. How men see us should be totally irrelevant. Our only concern shoud be making decisions based on God's word with no consideration at all for the concern about how we will be viewed by man. The church should not even consider or debate blesssing sin within the church (blessing same-sex unions) but not because of how it might affect our relationship with other denominations, but on staying in God's will, lest we be cast out. I don't know that you will respond or even read this, but regardless I thank you for the opportunity to respond. I pray the Holy Spirit will help all those who are confused by this issue.

Gary Lenzi
Middleburg United Methodist Church

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