The church and homosexuality [July 12, 2006 {0516}; An e-Review Florida UMNS Commentary by Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker]

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Did He deny anyone membership in His body on the cross? The last time I checked His words in Matthew 25:31-46, He told me the way I treat others, especially the least of us, is how I treat Him. If the Methodist Church accepts Christ's words as truth, how can it treat homosexuals differently than others? If they are "less" than heterosexuals, it seems to me that makes them the "least". No, I'm not advocating homosexuality. I am advocating true Christian example and leadership by the Methodist Church. Considering Christ's words, perhaps the United Methodist Church should give serious thought to how it treats the least among us. I know a former employee of the Methodist Church who is in prison as a convicted child molester, yet he remains a Methodist in good standing. I'm sure some convicted and imprisoned murderers are Methodists. Why is it okay to allow them to be or remain members of the Methodist Church yet specifically exclude homosexuals from membership? Isn't that blatant discrimination based on sexual orientation? And isn't that illegal under the 1964 Civil Rights Act as amended? I believe this is a very simple matter. I'm going to follow the "red print" words and try my best to keep things straight between my sole and soul judge -- Jesus Christ. The Methodist Church may do as it pleases. I pray God will lead it to the decision which fulfills His will for His children and a church that bears the name of His Only Begotten Son.

Carol Mason
Grace United Methodist Church

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