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Treasurer begins first weeks on job connecting with churches

Treasurer begins first weeks on job connecting with churches

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Treasurer begins first weeks on job connecting with churches

July 27, 2006    News media contact: Tita Parham* 
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An e-Review Feature
By J.A. Buchholz**

LAKELAND — Florida United Methodists had a chance to meet Mickey Wilson, the conference's new treasure, at the recent annual conference session. He shared brief comments with delegates after they voted their approval that he be hired for the job. Photo by Greg Moore, Photo #06-407.

LAKELAND — Milton E. “Mickey” Wilson has only been on the job a few weeks, but he’s already fielding calls about a variety of financial matters from local churches.

He says connecting with people in the local church is one of the things that excited him about the job and his first days have been good ones.

Wilson assumed the job of Florida Conference treasurer and director of financial services July 3, taking up the reins from Dr. Randy Casey-Rutland, who resigned from the position early last May. Casey-Rutland and his family relocated to the Virginia area, where his wife, Helen, an ordained clergy member in full connection in the Virginia Annual Conference, was appointed to a local church. Casey-Rutland had been in the position since 2000.

Before Wilson joined the conference staff he was chief financial officer (CFO) for the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), United Methodist Property and Casualty Trust and the United Methodist Foundation. In that role he was responsible for all accounting and property insurance issues, as well as financial and investment activities.

The position was a demanding one, requiring him to fly from his home in Nashville, where he lived for more than 30 years, to Evanston, Ill., every Monday to train a new staff that would establish the current office in Nashville.

Once his task of phasing out the GCFA office in Illinois and establishing the office in Nashville was complete Wilson found himself wanting to do something that would allow him to continue to serve the church and its members, but in a more personal way.

“I wanted to be in an annual conference,” he said. “When I was at GCFA, that was a corporate position dealing with millions and millions of dollars. You didn’t touch that person. I was missing that connection. I wasn’t getting that sense of gratification of giving back that I wanted.”

Wilson found that opportunity after talking with Casey-Rutland and others in the Florida Conference. Since his arrival, he has not been disappointed with his decision to relocate and feels confident he is in the right place at the right time.

“The staff is amazing,” he said. “I’m fortunate to come into a position that was vacated by someone as capable as Randy.”

Wilson says he and Casey-Rutland have two different skill sets — Wilson said he has set some goals in the areas of cash management, statistics and processing for more efficiency — but one thing he says both possess is a commitment to the clergy and laity who make up the conference’s churches.

“I am conscious of the local church and its needs, and I want to work with them on those needs,” he said. “There are a variety of things we can do to assist them, and I have started receiving those calls, in fact several a day. Some I answer immediately, and some need to be researched.”

Wilson’s experience owning his own leasing business, sitting on the board of directors of a local bank and local chapter for Habitat for Humanity, serving as chairman of the finance department for a local church, and working with local charities has prepared him for his new role.

“I did all those things, and it was great, but it wasn’t enough,” he said of his career before entering the church field.

Now, Wilson says he is fulfilling the calling he has felt for a number of years. He said he knew the position would be a perfect fit.

“When I first heard about it, I thought, ‘I could do that; I would be good at that,’ ” he said.

One other fact about Wilson makes him an ideal candidate for the position. He has experience dealing with something that’s on the minds of most Floridians right now — hurricanes.

A native of Corpus Christi, Texas, Wilson has lived through several, so he knows what it feels like to have the roof leaking in the sanctuary and all the tribulation that goes along with it. He says he’s ready to help churches deal with all that and more.


This article relates to Florida Conference Financial and Administrative Services.

*Parham is managing editor of e-Review Florida United Methodist News Service.
**Buchholz is a staff writer for e-Review Florida United Methodist News Service.