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A commentary on 'A Call to Repentance,' Lakeland Ledger article

A commentary on 'A Call to Repentance,' Lakeland Ledger article

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In responding to the bishop's invitation to discuss his commentary I want to offer a different perspective. He states "...war may be necessary as the only way to restrain evil, enact justice and establish conditions that make for peace." I submit, as a concerned Christian and citizen, that the Iraq war meets all these requirements. Saddam Hussein is the epitome of evil in our time. He slaughtered thousands of his countrymen, as well as his neighbors. And he wasn't satisfied with quick deaths for many of them, but carried out rapes and tortures, as well. My friend, that is evil. Justice is being served by his imprisonment and forthcoming trial. Justice is also being served by eliminating the corruption of his regime. Recall that Hussein and the United Nations instituted the notorious Oil for Food scandal. Money for Iraqi oil will now go to the Iraqi people who desperately need it, and should have been receiving it all along. That is justice. What better way to establish conditions for peace than working to support the democratization of Iraq? Not only will the people of Iraq live more peaceful lives when that is achieved, but the country could become a beacon of peace and hope for all the Middle East. No, the call of the bishops to repentance is sorely misguided. Those who seek to undermine the peace and justice efforts of this administration and our fighting men and women should be praying for revelation, truth and understanding.

J.D. Collner
First United Methodist Church, Port St. John